Advanced English Grammar Quiz – MCQ Test 02

Advanced English Grammar Quiz. Welcome to our Advanced English Grammar Quiz! This quiz is designed for individuals who have a strong command of the English language and are looking to challenge themselves with complex grammar structures and rules.

In this quiz, you will be tested on a range of advanced grammar topics, including verb tenses, sentence structure, conditional statements, and more. You will encounter questions that require you to choose the correct word, fill in the blanks, and identify errors in sentences.

Advanced English Grammar Quiz

So, let’s get started! Take our Advanced English Grammar Quiz and challenge yourself to improve your language skills. Good luck!

#1. I don’t suppose the election results will reflect the true reaction of the public to the government in power, ------ ?

#2. Children have difficulty ------- numbers ------- two until the age of three or four.

#3. Climate shifts could disrupt farming and ---- thousands of species of animals and plants.

#4. Although it can be derived ------ oil, coal, and tar, kerosene is usually produced ------ refining it from petroleum.

#5. If it receives enough rain at the proper time, hay will grow quickly, ------ grass.

#6. ------ he wouldn’t wait at the door for ages, I put the key under the mat for my new flatmate, who had left home in a hurry, yesterday.

#7. We had to ---- from the war when the attack of the enemy intensified.

#8. Although no country has ------ folk music ------ that of any other, it is significant that similar songs exist among widely separated people.

#9. Physical geographers study soil because of its fundamental position ---- the ecosystem and its impact ---- human activities.

#10. The senator ---- denied allegations of anything improper that had taken place.

#11. The Lakota nation of Native Americans still dispute the USA’s ownership of the Black Hills, referring to it as an occupied ------ .

#12. Your father should not put so much pressure on you. He must not choose your friends, ------ .

#13. Gunpowder, in some ways the most effective of ------ the explosive materials, is a mixture of potassium nitrate, charcoal, and sulphur.

#14. There are 20 species of wild roses in North America, -------- have prickly stems, pinnate leaves, and large flowers that usually smell sweetly.

#15. Cat allergen is one of the main causes of childhood allergies, asthma and ---- respiratory diseases as bronchitis.

#16. Frost occurs in valleys and on low grounds -------- on adjacent hills.

#17. On the Aleutian Islands, the land rises abruptly from level coasts to ---- mountains.

#18. Many countries ---- the world are gearing up to help the people affected ---- the tsunami.

#19. The safest approach -------- your entire corporation against security threats from roaming users is -------- a quarantineoriented technology.

#20. There were some beach huts here only a few days ago, but they were ------ by the flood.



Our Advanced English Grammar Quiz is a great way to assess your language skills, identify areas that may need improvement, and refine your understanding of advanced English grammar. Whether you are preparing for an English language exam or simply looking to enhance your language proficiency, this quiz is an excellent tool to test your knowledge and build your confidence.

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