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Conjunctions and Prepositions Quiz. Welcome to the Conjunctions and Prepositions Quiz! As a language learner, understanding the differences between conjunctions and prepositions is essential for effective communication in English. Conjunctions are used to connect words, phrases, and clauses, while prepositions are used to indicate the relationships between nouns and pronouns, and other words in a sentence.

The correct usage of conjunctions and prepositions can significantly affect the meaning and clarity of a sentence. This quiz will test your knowledge of conjunctions and prepositions and help you to identify common mistakes in their usage. So, get ready to put your grammar skills to the test and see how well you know your conjunctions and prepositions!

Conjunctions and Prepositions Quiz

So, let’s get started! Take our Conjunctions and Prepositions Quiz and challenge yourself to improve your language skills. Good luck!

Note: These questions' source is English Grammar in Use book, so if you get a wrong answer, you will get a hint to revise the units shown after each answer. You can download the book by clicking here.

#1. I couldn’t sleep ........ very tired.

If you got a wrong answer, study unit 113.

#2. I’m going to be in Moscow next week. I hope the weather will be good ............. .

If you got a wrong answer, study unit 119.

#3. ‘What’s that noise?’ ‘It sounds .......... a baby crying.’

If you got a wrong answer, study unit 117 , 118.

#4. They are very kind to me. They treat me ........... their own son.

If you got a wrong answer, study unit 118.

#5. Yesterday we watched TV all evening .......... we didn’t have anything better to do.

If you got a wrong answer, study unit 116.

#6. Joe is away at the moment. I don’t know exactly when he’s coming back, but I’m sure he’ll be back ......... Monday.

If you got a wrong answer, study unit 120.

#7. The club is for members only. You ............ you’re a member.

If you got a wrong answer, study unit 115.

#8. You should insure your bike ........ stolen.

If you got a wrong answer, study unit 114.



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