English Grammar Test – MCQ 07

English Grammar Test – MCQ 07. Welcome to our English Grammar Test! This test is designed to assess your proficiency in the English language, particularly in the areas of grammar, syntax, and usage. Whether you are a student, a professional, or just someone looking to improve your English skills, this test will challenge your understanding of the language and help you identify areas for improvement.

Good communication skills are essential in today’s world, and having a strong grasp of English grammar is an important part of effective communication. The English language can be complex and nuanced, and mastering its grammar requires both knowledge and practice. This test will provide you with an opportunity to assess your current level of proficiency and to identify areas where you can improve.

English Grammar Test – MCQ 07

So, whether you are preparing for an exam, a job interview, or simply looking to enhance your language skills, this test will help you gauge your abilities and guide you on your journey toward fluency in English. Let’s get started!

#1. Sara waited for the plane, but the plane was late. The previous statement is classified as a/an ....... sentence.

#2. In the sentence "It is nearly done." The word (nearly) is :

An adjunct is a word or words (i.e., a phrase or a clause) which can be removed without making the sentence grammatically wrong. Ali went to school again yesterday (yesterday is an adjunct)

#3. Adverbs can modify all of the following EXCEPT ____.

#4. Sarah is looking for a job. She began looking for a job six months ago.

#5. The package (that is on the floor) should be delivered to Sarah; called ......

#6. The clause in the sentence “ Noura is working on her homework.”

#7. The student wrote, "I was looking to my wallet & the plane took away.’’ This student needs help with ---------------.

#8. (Ouch!) That hurts. is .........

#9. The sentence ‘’ Ali and Kamal are good friends “ is a ------------ sentence.

#10. In the sentence ‘’ I saw a small brown hat on the desk yesterday ‘’ which of the following does not appear?

#11. Which of the following is an example of sub-clausal negation?

#12. Which of the following sentences has the correct punctuation?

#13. I ---------- on this book for the last 10 months and I haven't finished it yet.

#14. A “run on sentence" is:

#15. The complement in “ Khaled has placed the cup on the table” is:

#16. How many indefinite articles does the English language have?

#17. Which group of words below is auxiliaries?

#18. I am glad ( that you can come). The phrase written in italics is called:

#19. In the sentence ‘’ The teacher saw one of the students cheating in the exam .’’ the word cheating is a ------- verb .



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