English Grammar Test Online Exercise – MCQ 01

English Grammar Test Online Exercise – MCQ 01. Welcome to our online English Grammar Test! Proper grammar is an essential component of effective communication, and this exercise will provide you with the opportunity to sharpen your English language skills.

Whether you are a native English speaker looking to refine your grammar or a non-native speaker hoping to improve your fluency, this exercise is designed to help you build your understanding of English grammar rules and conventions.

English Grammar Test Online Exercise – MCQ 01

With a range of questions covering everything from basic sentence structure to advanced grammatical concepts, this test will challenge you and provide you with valuable feedback on your progress. So let’s get started and put your English grammar skills to the test!

#1. Beef cattle _____ of all livestock for economic growth in certain geographic regions.

#2. The dawn redwood appears _____ some 100 million years ago in northern forests around the world.

#3. Speciation, _____, results when an animal population becomes isolated by some factor, usually geographic.

#4. _____ vastness of the Grand Canyon, it is difficult to capture it in a single photograph.

#5. Beginning in the Middle Ages, composers of Western music used a system of notating their compositions _____ be performed by musicians.

#6. Civil Rights are the freedoms and rights _____ as a member of a community, state, or nation.

#7. _____ of large mammals once dominated the North American Prairies: the American bison and the pronghorn antelope.

#8. In its pure state antimony has no important uses, but _____ with other substances, it is extremely useful metal.

#9. During the late fifteenth century, _____ of the native societies of America had professions in the fields of arts and crafts.

#10. Richard Wright enjoyed success and influence _____ among Black American writers of his era.

#11. Franklin D. Roosevelt was _____ the great force of radio and the opportunity it provided for taking government policies directly to the people.

#12. Flag Day is a legal holiday only in the state of Pennsylvania, _____ Betsy Ross sewed the first American flag.

#13. Dairy farming is _____ leading agricultural activity in the United States.

#14. The discovery of the halftone process in photography in 1881 made it _____ photographs in books and newspapers.

#15. Although thunder and lightening are produced at the same time, light waves travel faster _____, so we see the lightening before we hear the thunder.



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