English Grammar Test Online Exercise – MCQ 02

English Grammar Test Online Exercise – MCQ 02. Welcome to our online English Grammar Test! Proper grammar is an essential component of effective communication, and this exercise will provide you with the opportunity to sharpen your English language skills.

Whether you are a native English speaker looking to refine your grammar or a non-native speaker hoping to improve your fluency, this exercise is designed to help you build your understanding of English grammar rules and conventions.

English Grammar Test Online Exercise – MCQ 02

With a range of questions covering everything from basic sentence structure to advanced grammatical concepts, this test will challenge you and provide you with valuable feedback on your progress. So let’s get started and put your English grammar skills to the test!

#1. The first explorer _____ California by land was Jedediah Strong Smith, a trapper who crossed the southwestern deserts of the United States in 1826.

#2. _____ many copper mines in the state of Arizona, a fact which contributes significantly to the state’s economy.

#3. Computers that once took up entire rooms are now _____ to put on desktops and into wristwatches.

#4. Mango trees, _____ densely covered with glossy leaves and bear small fragrant flowers, grow rapidly and can attain heights of up to 90 feet.

#5. Not until Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave had been completely explored in 1972.

#6. Alaska found the first years of its statehood costly because it had to take over the expense of services _____ previously by the federal government.

#7. The sapphire’s transparency to ultraviolet and infrared radiation makes _____ in optical instruments.

#8. According to some educators, the goal of teaching is to help students learn what _____ to know to live a well-adjusted and successful life.

#9. With age, the mineral content of human bones decreases, _____ them more fragile.

#10. _____ initial recognition while still quite young.

#11. Written to be performed on a _____, Thornton Wilder’s play Our Town depicts life in a small New England community.

#12. In bas-relief sculpture, a design projects very slightly from its background, _____ some coins.

#13. _____ the Canadian composer Barbara Pentland wrote four symphonies, three concertos, and an opera, among other works.

#14. The ponderosa pine is _____ of the most of the timber used by forest-product firms in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

#15. The Chisos Mountains in Big Bend National park in Texas were created by volcanic eruptions that occurred _____.



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