English Grammar Test Online Exercise – MCQ 03

English Grammar Test Online Exercise – MCQ 03. Welcome to our online English Grammar Test! Proper grammar is an essential component of effective communication, and this exercise will provide you with the opportunity to sharpen your English language skills.

Whether you are a native English speaker looking to refine your grammar or a non-native speaker hoping to improve your fluency, this exercise is designed to help you build your understanding of English grammar rules and conventions.

English Grammar Test Online Exercise – MCQ 03

With a range of questions covering everything from basic sentence structure to advanced grammatical concepts, this test will challenge you and provide you with valuable feedback on your progress. So let’s get started and put your English grammar skills to the test!

#1. Seattle, which is famous for its seafood, is a beautiful city.

#2. The bicycle which was featured was made by Bianchi.

#3. The men that are working on the project come from India.

#4. Tom, who was responsible for sales, made the presentation.

#5. The towels that are on the chair can be used in the club showers.

#6. The cake that was selected came from an Italian bakery.

#7. The telephone which is on the desk is broken.

#8. The man who was handsome worked in Hollywood.

#9. My friends who are studying in Italy will be at the party.

#10. The students who study at our school come from all over the world.



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