English Grammar Test Online Exercise – MCQ 04

English Grammar Test Online Exercise – MCQ 04. Welcome to our online English Grammar Test! Proper grammar is an essential component of effective communication, and this exercise will provide you with the opportunity to sharpen your English language skills.

Whether you are a native English speaker looking to refine your grammar or a non-native speaker hoping to improve your fluency, this exercise is designed to help you build your understanding of English grammar rules and conventions.

English Grammar Test Online Exercise – MCQ 04

With a range of questions covering everything from basic sentence structure to advanced grammatical concepts, this test will challenge you and provide you with valuable feedback on your progress. So let’s get started and put your English grammar skills to the test!

#1. The girl,_________ by a poisonous snake, was rushed quickly to the hospital emergency ward.

#2. The most expensive rooms in the hotel were the ones_________ on the top floor.

#3. Only one of the people ________ in the company is an engineer.

#4. An appeal ___________ by the Samaritans raised thousands of pounds.

#5. Students _____ early usually take the bus.

#6. This is the logo ________ to promote the company.

#7. A man __________ by everyone was killed last week in an accident.

#8. The man ________ the books and pens is the new economics and mathematics teacher.

#9. The man ____ at the cafe comes from Spain.

#10. Jodie, ________ as one of the most influential people in the music scene.

#11. The children __________ food by the organisation were extremely happy.

#12. I met Fatima, the girl _____ overseas.

#13. The new textbook,_______ at the university book shop, includes access to online activities.



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