English Literature Quiz Questions and Answers – MCQ 14

English Literature Quiz Questions and Answers – MCQ 14. Welcome to the world of English Literature Quiz! This is the perfect place for bookworms and literature enthusiasts to test their knowledge and learn some new facts about the world of words. English Literature is a vast and fascinating subject, with a rich history and a diverse range of genres, styles, and themes. From Shakespeare to Dickens, Austen to Woolf, the canon of English literature is packed with masterpieces that have stood the test of time.

This quiz will challenge your understanding of English literature, including its history, themes, and major works. You’ll be asked to identify characters, authors, quotes, and more, as you delve into the rich tapestry of English literature. Whether you’re a student studying literature, a book lover looking to brush up on your knowledge, or simply someone who loves a good quiz, this English Literature Quiz is for you.

English Literature Quiz Questions and Answers – MCQ 14

So, get ready to test your literary knowledge, explore the worlds of classic literature, and have some fun in the process. Let’s see how much you know about the great works of English literature and their impact on our culture and society!

#1. a ritualized form of Japanese drama involving masks and slow, stylized movements.

#2. a serious play that ends unhappily for the protagonist.

#3. a short play based on a biblical story.

#4. a play that confronts a contemporary social problem with the intent of changing public opinion on the matter.

#5. a serious lyric poem that usually conforms to an elaborate metrical structure.

#6. a narrative work reporting true events.

#7. a full-length fictional work that is novelistic in nature, but written in verse rather than prose.

#8. a work of fiction of middle length. It’s simply a short novel.

#9. a short narrative that illustrates a moral by means of allegory.

#10. a work that imitates the style of a previous writer, work, or literary genre.



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