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Phrasal Verbs Vocabulary Quiz – MCQ 06

Phrasal Verbs Vocabulary Quiz – MCQ 06. Welcome to our Phrasal Verbs Vocabulary Test! Phrasal verbs are an essential part of the English language and mastering them is crucial for effective communication.

This test is designed to evaluate your understanding of common phrasal verbs and their usage in different contexts. It will also help you identify areas where you need to improve your knowledge and use of phrasal verbs.

Phrasal Verbs Vocabulary Quiz – MCQ 06

Whether you’re a student, a professional, or just someone looking to enhance your English language skills, this test will be a valuable tool in your language-learning journey. So, let’s get started and see how well you know your phrasal verbs!

#1. I doubt shahed'll ever get ______ her trauma.

#2. He gave ______ all his fortune to charities.

#3. I give ______. This problem is too difficult to solve.

#4. Don't forget to give my books ______. I need to study for my exams.

#5. Stop getting ______ my nerves!

#6. John is not happy because his son went ______ the Army.

#7. His time after school was given ______ to sports.

#8. I don't think you should go ______ a job in that company.

#9. After a week camping, all our food supplies gave ______.

#10. Remember to give all your papers ______ by Monday morning so that I can grade them.

#11. I can't get ______ all this work. I need some help.

#12. The rumors of his dismissal will soon get ______.

#13. Why did he go ______ on his word?

#14. What time do you usually get ______?

#15. The little boy was forced to give ______ to his brother’s wishes.

#16. Time goes ______ quickly, my dear.

#17. The price of gas did not go ______ as we expected.

#18. This must be a special type of writing paper, for it gives ______ a very pleasant smell.

#19. If you're in trouble, get ______ to a lawyer.

#20. My complaint goes ______ you, too.



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