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Quiz on Language Function – MCQ 02

Quiz on Language Function – MCQ 02. Welcome to our Language Function Quiz! Language is a fundamental part of human communication, and it serves various functions that help us convey our thoughts, feelings, and ideas to others. In this quiz, you will be tested on your understanding of the different functions of language, such as expressing emotions, providing information, persuading, and establishing social connections.

Quiz on Language Function – MCQ 02

This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of the various ways in which language is used, and how it influences our communication with others. Whether you are a student of linguistics, a professional communicator, or simply someone interested in language and communication, this quiz will challenge your understanding and provide an opportunity to learn more about the functions of language.

So, let’s dive in and see how much you know about the different language functions!

#1. Monitor : Why isn't the wastepaper basket emptied ? Harry : (It's Roy's turn today. He never does his duty.)

#2. Rosemary : I'm sorry I'm late for the meeting. (Connor : It's all right.)

#3. Jane : I just can't stand ... Joseph : (Yes, I know !) You can't stand talkative people. Well, no one asked you to listen.

#4. (Sarah : I hope we will make it to the finals this year.) Jasmine : We'll all try our best.

#5. Tina : Who broke the glass ? It must be you.

#6. Abdul : Can you finish your assignment by Monday ? (Tammy : I'm sure I can finish my assignment on time.)

#7. Peter : I'm afraid I've failed my driving test. (Jane : Don't worry, you can try again.)

#8. Teacher : You got 60%. Student : (Only 60% ! )I expected to do better.

#9. Kerry : We won the Thomas Cup ! (John : Are you sure ?)

#10. Boy : Will you marry me ? Girl : (Don't be silly. Who ever gets married at seventeen these days?)

#11. Father : I'm giving you five dollars for the week. (Eng Hock : It's not enough !)

#12. Cathy : I wish I hadn't copied your essay ! Now the teacher will never trust me again.

#13. Darren : Are you coming for the concert ? (Andrew : Which concert ? I don't know anything about it.)

#14. Andrew : He is the most popular boy in school. (Heather : He is ? I can't stand him at all !)

#15. Man : Wow ! You're looking good !

#16. Ashley : I'm sure Ryan took it. I saw him near at it and then, suddenly, it wasn't there anymore.

#17. Alan : Why do you look so gloomy ? (Gary : I am so sad. I feel like crying.)

#18. David : I wish I had his brains. Then I wouldn't have to study so hard. (Shirley : So do I.)

#19. Daisy : She is going to America tonight. (Tom : Who cares !)

#20. Sam : (Could you speak a little slower, please ?) I don't understand French very well.



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