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Quiz on Language Function – MCQ 03

Quiz on Language Function – MCQ 03. Welcome to our Language Function Quiz! Language is a fundamental part of human communication, and it serves various functions that help us convey our thoughts, feelings, and ideas to others. In this quiz, you will be tested on your understanding of the different functions of language, such as expressing emotions, providing information, persuading, and establishing social connections.

Quiz on Language Function – MCQ 03

This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of the various ways in which language is used, and how it influences our communication with others. Whether you are a student of linguistics, a professional communicator, or simply someone interested in language and communication, this quiz will challenge your understanding and provide an opportunity to learn more about the functions of language.

So, let’s dive in and see how much you know about the different language functions!

#1. Secretary 1 : (Don't you try to pretend.) You've been behaving in this uncooperative way ever since you first started working here.

#2. Child : (Mummy, I'm sorry I lied.) Mother : Well, don't do it again next time, alright ?

#3. Jacob : Anybody can stand on a stage, sing a song and jump around. (If I wanted to, I could, too.) I just don't like making a complete idiot of myself like he was doing.

#4. Bully : I'll get you for this ! Don't think you can ever get away with this. (Nobody tricks me and doesn't live to regret it !)

#5. Girl : How can I ever trust you in future ? Boy : (On my honor, darling, I won't ever lie to you again.)

#6. Patient : It's really boring, lying in bed all day. Visitor : (Well, you'll soon be up and about.) Perhaps you should take up knitting or something.

#7. Teacher : Now take out your Geography test books. I'm giving you a test. Students : (What ? You didn't tell us before hand ! We'll all fail !)

#8. Pauline : Some people are just gifted artistically. Christine : (Yes, like you, for instance.)

#9. Fay : I don't really feel like going. George : (Oh come on ! We're all going. It'll be lots of fun.)

#10. Son : Mum, I failed my English ! I don't know how it happened. (What shall I do now ?)

#11. Director : We need someone to draw the curtain at this point. Stage hand : (Well, I'll be free then. I can do it.)

#12. Father : What are you thinking of doing after Form Five ? Son : (Well, if I do well enough to get to the sixth form, I'd like to do my STP.)

#13. Wife : Well, I'm ready ! Husband : (Why don't you dress more smartly ? Do you like to look a mess ?)

#14. Mother : Hello ! Had a good day in school ? Son : (Really a Black Monday !) Our teachers were short tempered, our class was like a pig sty and no food was served in the tuckshop.

#15. Father : No ! And that's final. You'll not go to the picnic with those irresponsible friends of yours. Daughter : (I'll pack up my bags and leave home then.)

#16. Girl : Don't worry. I understand completely.

#17. Student : So, the meeting is at four, right ? Teacher : (That's right.)

#18. Teacher 1 : (They've improved considerably.) Nowadays, they can even write whole paragraphs without making many mistakes. Teacher 2 : How did you do it ?

#19. Mrs. Tan : Like me to pick you up on my way ? Miss Lee : (Thanks. That'll be nice.)

#20. Sheila : Shall I make a tray of jelly for the party ? Chin : (Oh, that will be nice !)



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