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Quiz on Language Function – MCQ 05

Quiz on Language Function – MCQ 05. Welcome to our Language Function Quiz! Language is a fundamental part of human communication, and it serves various functions that help us convey our thoughts, feelings, and ideas to others. In this quiz, you will be tested on your understanding of the different functions of language, such as expressing emotions, providing information, persuading, and establishing social connections.

Quiz on Language Function – MCQ 05

This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of the various ways in which language is used, and how it influences our communication with others. Whether you are a student of linguistics, a professional communicator, or simply someone interested in language and communication, this quiz will challenge your understanding and provide an opportunity to learn more about the functions of language.

So, let’s dive in and see how much you know about the different language functions!

#1. Don't give up. You will understand it. Just keep trying and you will succeed.

#2. Child : Mother, can I come with you ? Mother : (I guess so. Come on, then.)

#3. Student : Good evening. Miss Tan, (I'm so glad you could come) ... but you look worried. Is anything the matter ?

#4. Right ! I'll see you then.

#5. (Your parents were very kind to me when I was a child) and it's the least I can do to try to repay their kindness.

#6. Boy : Going to town ? Girl : Yes. Boy : (Well, hop in.)

#7. Mother : Don't you touch my cakes ! They're for the party tonight.

#8. Don't be angry with me, alright, Mummy ? I would have told you beforehand if I could have.

#9. Student : May I speak to you for a moment ? Teacher : (Well, I'm rather busy at the moment.) Come at ten if you're free then.

#10. Girl : I think I'll enter the beauty contest. Sister : (Are you sure ? You're rather young.)

#11. Will you come to the pictures with me ?

#12. George : Hospital ? What happened ?

#13. Mei Ling : If you want to know, I failed every single subject. Ann 🙁 Really ? )

#14. Son : I got a Grade 1, Mum. Mother : (Oh, well done !) I always expected you to do well.

#15. (Till we meet again, take care.) Please send my warmest regards to your mother.

#16. Sorry. I'm not trying to be rude. I'm just used to speaking in this way.

#17. Father : Well, how did it go ? Son : (Only second place.) Tobias won first place with his Chopin Sonnet.

#18. Mrs. Tang : More rice, Dear ? Mr. Tang : (Thanks. I'm full.)

#19. (Do come if you possible can. I'm eager to see you.) Also, its' now the rambutan season and my trees are laden. We can roam around the town too.

#20. Father : Well, how was the test ? Son : (No sweat.)

#21. I really appreciate the thought behind your letter. And, (I felt a little better after reading.)



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