Relative Clauses Quiz

Relative Clauses Quiz. Welcome to the Relative Clauses Quiz! As a language learner, understanding how to use relative clauses correctly is essential for effective communication in English. Relative clauses are a type of subordinate clause that modifies a noun or pronoun in the main clause of a sentence. They can provide additional information about the noun, such as its identity, characteristics, or location. However, choosing the correct relative pronoun or adverb and understanding word order can be challenging, especially when dealing with different tenses and sentence structures.

This quiz will test your knowledge of relative clauses and help you to identify common mistakes in their usage. So, get ready to put your grammar skills to the test and see how well you know your relative clauses!

Relative Clauses Quiz

So, let’s get started! Take our Relative Clauses Quiz and challenge yourself to improve your language skills. Good luck!

Note: These questions' source is English Grammar in Use book, so if you get a wrong answer, you will get a hint to revise the units shown after each answer. You can download the book by clicking here.

#1. George showed me some pictures ............ by his father.

If you got a wrong answer, study unit 97 , 92.

#2. I didn’t believe them at first, but in fact everything ............ was true.

If you got a wrong answer, study unit 93.

#3. I don’t like stories ........... have unhappy endings.

If you got a wrong answer, study unit 92.

#4. We helped some people ......... .

If you got a wrong answer, study unit 94.

#5. Sarah couldn’t meet us, ........... was a shame.

If you got a wrong answer, study unit 96.

#6. Anna told me about her new job, ............... a lot.

If you got a wrong answer, study unit 95.



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