Reported Speech Quiz

Reported Speech Quiz. Welcome to the Reported Speech Quiz! As a language learner, understanding how to use reported speech correctly is essential for effective communication in English. Reported speech, also known as indirect speech, is used to report what someone else has said, without necessarily quoting them directly. It requires a change in tense, pronoun, and other elements to reflect that the speaker is reporting rather than speaking directly. However, choosing the correct tense and reporting verb can be tricky, especially when dealing with complex sentence structures and different tenses.

This quiz will test your knowledge of reported speech and help you to identify common mistakes in its usage. So, get ready to put your grammar skills to the test and see how well you know your reported speech!

Reported Speech Quiz

So, let’s get started! Take our Reported Speech Quiz and challenge yourself to improve your language skills. Good luck!

Note: These questions' source is English Grammar in Use book, so if you get a wrong answer, you will get a hint to revise the units shown after each answer. You can download the book by clicking here.

#1. Which of these is usually required with reported YES/NO questions?

#2. Anna ............... and left.

If you got a wrong answer, study unit 48.

#3. (You meet Joe in the street.) Joe, this is a surprise. Rachel said you ........... in hospital.

If you got a wrong answer, study unit 47 , 48.

#4. Which is a reporting verb?

#5. "I bought a car last week." Last week he said he had bought a car

#6. Ram asked me where I worked. His original words were

#7. Paul left the room suddenly. He said he ......... to go.

If you got a wrong answer, study unit 47 , 48.

#8. "Don't yell!" is a

#9. He said that it was cold outside. Which word is optional?

#10. "Where is it?" said Mary. She



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