TEFL Quizzes for TEFL Teachers – MCQ 07

TEFL Quizzes for TEFL Teachers – MCQ 07. Welcome to our TEFL quizzes for TEFL teachers! Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) is a rewarding and challenging profession that requires a strong command of the English language and a deep understanding of language acquisition and pedagogy.

These quizzes are designed to test your knowledge of key TEFL concepts and provide you with valuable feedback on your teaching skills. With a range of questions covering everything from teaching techniques to classroom management, these quizzes will help you stay current and improve your teaching practice.

TEFL Quizzes for TEFL Teachers – MCQ 07

Whether you are a seasoned TEFL teacher or just starting out, these quizzes will help you hone your skills and become a more effective and confident educator. So let’s get started and see how much you know about teaching English as a foreign language!

#1. In a class, modelling performance can lead to linguistic :

#2. Competency-based language teaching focuses on what students ____.

#3. When planning a lesson's materials, it should be least important to consider:

#4. Critical learning moments happen when:

#5. In a second language classrooms, teachers should

#6. Co-constructing rubrics with learners allows them to :

#7. Teaching that relates to students feelings , and beliefs make them __.

#8. Which one of the following lesson-plans is the correct order :

#9. In lesson planning , goals are ...... than objectives.

#10. Portfolios and projects are examples of ___ assessment.

#11. For the student to continue learning a language they should be :

#12. Testing has an impact on teaching and learning whether negative or positive which is revered as :

#13. A skeleton work plan has :

#14. The conventional views of syllabus curriculum building have tended to be :

#15. During the silent period at the beginning of the learning process, teachers should plan to:



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We are a team of educators and language enthusiasts dedicated to providing a fun and effective way for individuals to improve their English language skills. Our quizzes are designed to help learners of all levels – from beginners to advanced – test their knowledge of English vocabulary, grammar, spelling, and pronunciation.

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