TEFL Quizzes for TEFL Teachers – MCQ 10

TEFL Quizzes for TEFL Teachers – MCQ 10. Welcome to our TEFL quizzes for TEFL teachers! Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) is a rewarding and challenging profession that requires a strong command of the English language and a deep understanding of language acquisition and pedagogy.

These quizzes are designed to test your knowledge of key TEFL concepts and provide you with valuable feedback on your teaching skills. With a range of questions covering everything from teaching techniques to classroom management, these quizzes will help you stay current and improve your teaching practice.

TEFL Quizzes for TEFL Teachers – MCQ 10

Whether you are a seasoned TEFL teacher or just starting out, these quizzes will help you hone your skills and become a more effective and confident educator. So let’s get started and see how much you know about teaching English as a foreign language!

#1. Activities which elicit physical action from the students are known as......

#2. A clear statement that describes competences that students should possess at the end of instruction is referred to as .....

#3. Using face-to-face language instruction with additional online material is called...

#4. An approach to teaching English that uses subject matter as the basis for classroom activities and language learning is called the :

#5. An important part of a paragraph is the ........ in which the main idea of paragraph is restated.

#6. The affective filter hypothesis acknowledges that learner's ........... can affect their abilities to learn.

#7. An effective way to correct speaking mistakes is to :

#8. If the students in the classroom all come from an Arabic speaking background, it would be generally safe to assume that:

#9. To group ideas into meaningful clusters is known:

#10. ................ helps the learners by drawing their attention to features of the target language.

#11. In ............ , students are the main focus in the learning process

#12. The strategy where students form a best guess using evidence or context clues is often referred to as:

#13. When students are asked to ......... the text, it is helpful to provide them with a list of most common writing errors in English.

#14. For secondary school students, a less stressful alternative to traditional essay writing is to have:

#15. One of the very first stages of writing is:



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