TEFL Quizzes for TEFL Teachers – MCQ 20

TEFL Quizzes for TEFL Teachers – MCQ 20. Welcome to our TEFL quizzes for TEFL teachers! Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) is a rewarding and challenging profession that requires a strong command of the English language and a deep understanding of language acquisition and pedagogy.

These quizzes are designed to test your knowledge of key TEFL concepts and provide you with valuable feedback on your teaching skills. With a range of questions covering everything from teaching techniques to classroom management, these quizzes will help you stay current and improve your teaching practice.

TEFL Quizzes for TEFL Teachers – MCQ 20

Whether you are a seasoned TEFL teacher or just starting out, these quizzes will help you hone your skills and become a more effective and confident educator. So let’s get started and see how much you know about teaching English as a foreign language!

#1. ESL beginners in Arab countries tend to use the {b} sound instead of the {p} sound when pronouncing the word “ Protocol”. Which of the following types of negative L1 transfer could be used to describe this phenomenon?

#2. Allen adopts “Audio- lingual Method” in his English classes. Thus, in his classes ......

#3. Theoretical positions and beliefs about the nature of language, the nature of language learning, and the applicability of both to pedagogical settings.

#4. The skill of re-writing a text by maintaining the same ideas, but with significantly different wording is known as ..........

#5. The teacher tells a story about animals. Children make animal noises every time they hear the name of the animal.

#6. Any of a wide variety of exercises, activities, or devices used in the language classroom for realizing lesson objectives.

#7. Students ask their classmates when their birthdays are and write the answers down. They try to find a different child for each month of the year.

#8. A generalized set of classroom specifications for accomplishing linguistic objectives. Primarily concerned with teacher and student roles and behaviors and secondarily with such features as linguistic and subject-matter objectives, sequencing, and materials. They are almost always thought of as being broadly applicable to a variety of audiences in a variety of contexts.

#9. Designs for carrying a particular language program. Features include a primary concern with the specification of linguistic and subject-mater objective,sequencing, and materials to meet the needs of a designated group of learners in a defined context

#10. Before starting a listening activity, a teacher should ---------

#11. Which of the following is a subject-oriented writing style that is used when explaining how to process something.

#12. Students sing a song “ Hea and shoulders, knees and toes “. They touch the correct part of their body as they sing the song.

#13. Reading is a -----------.

#14. The view of an ideal English teacher is today; determining the quality of ESL learners is based more on ...........

#15. The Teacher introduces new vocabulary and a grammar structure. Students complete exercises on their books.Then the teacher checks their answers. The teacher asks students to compare their answers with other classmates.

#16. One of the general principals of a course design is orientation. It entails .....

#17. Which of the following language teaching methods is most closely aligned to the behaviorist theory?

#18. The main purpose of teaching speaking is to teach efficient -------

#19. In brainstorming,............. teaching method is most important.

#20. To make language learning more relevant & engaging to the younger generation, a rising trend in TESOL is ----

#21. Teachers should use ..........

#22. Students work in groups to make five questions about vocabulary from the previous unit. Then, they exchange questions with another group and try to answer the questions.

#23. When writing a formal letter, which of the following greetings uses incorrect register & would not be acceptable for a formal letter ?

#24. The teacher tests Students on the Spanish meaning for a set of words in their mother tongue.

#25. Teacher : Who has a vehicle that can carry 20 people at once? Hint, many of you rode in one day. Students: a bus driver. The previous scenario is an example of a teaching strategy used in Listening and speaking classes. It is known as .........



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